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Downline Builder

Build a downline

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Here it is how this works after you joined the community

1-If you want to build a downline for a specific program first search for it in the community

2a)-If the program is already listed, read the comments and join under the last member that posted his referral link (be aware that you can't have more then one account on a given program or you risk account termination). Then write a new comment with your referral link for that program.

2b)-If the program isn't listed, make a new post with info about the program (the essential info of the program starting page will do it) and put your referral link in the bottom of the post. I tell you again, please check if the program hasn't been posted already.

Anyone who breaks any of this rules will have his username and a fault counter here. If anyone reach a fault counter of three unjustified faults (justify any of your faults by mail to cash_man) will be baned.