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Virginia is for Clickers

Tired of being promised as much as 50 cents per click, yet you never seem to get paid? Are you seeing programs that say they have invested in you by prepaying for hosting and domains, but yet they still manage to disappear or be abducted by aliens, along with your hard earned cash? Don't give up on the Paid to Read industry, join our program and start getting paid! You'll be happy you did!


We Own the Hosting Company
We didn't just prepay for hosting and domains, we *OWN* the hosting company that VIFC is hosted with. No unexpected account suspended notices, and no chance in the world we'll ever delete our own account! In short, we are not going anywhere! Compare that to other programs!


Serious Program, Serious Staff
Our business manager has many years experience in managing money, and holds degrees in banking, finance, business management, and accounting. Our webmaster has won awards in design, (4 time Golden Web Award Winner) and holds certificates in a wide array of web and computer technical areas! In short, we have serious people running a serious program! Compare that to other programs!


Supported by Real Advertising
Unlike other programs, we have real advertising partners paying us to advertise their *REAL* companies to our members. We don't force our members to advertise! We seek out quality advertisers like we're supposed to! Compare that to other programs!


Join us today, and get paid. It's that simple. No complex rules, no fuss, no bull!

Our payout is just $2.50, which is very easy to reach! Upgraded members cash out one a month with no minimum payout!

You will earn on 5 referral levels, earning 10% on the first level, and 1% on the rest!

Join at:
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